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A brief history of psychology

Psychology refers to the study of mind and behavior. It is about embracing the consciousness and peaking in the subconscious curtains of our mind in order to solve different problems and understand the social science to help individuals make place for them. It is a scientific study which helps in navigating the path to living in the society by establishing the principles and research in the specific area of study.

The roots of psychology run deeper in the Greek world where people used to believe that humans are God and they contain the knowledge of unknown within them. It is the efforts of a German psychologist Dubai that we have been able to equip from their knowledge and thoughts and bring psychology in the form which we see today.

The first ever basis of psychology which was laid down by the Greeks was at the temple of Apollo at Delphi which was known to be a religious sanctuary. There was a Greek God named Pythia who claimed that she had a connection to God and she was the medium between humans and their problems. She interpreted the problems of individuals and gave a thoughtful analysis of the situation with a solution – exactly what a psychologist is known to do.

The next main important treatment to depression and all the other worldly problems was figured out by Greeks where they had a specified Imphotep temple in Memphis, Egypt whose main purpose or medium of therapy was believed to be sleep. Even today for the depression treatment in Dubai, psychologists recommend you to have a good night sleep because most of the problems are due to the lack of attention and fatigue which individuals have been taking upon themselves. Once you are weary of sleep make sure you are giving your body the one thing which it requires the most.

Soon people started finding practical solutions to the problems and the most useful one referred to the maintenance of diet and exercise. They believed that all the problems can be solved if humans found calm and peace in their life. In order to find peace they were sent into the woods towards nature and away from the hustle of life. Diet and exercise was recommended and soon people found cure to their illness or depression. This is a practice which we still equip.

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