Art hacks we all must know

Trying to be an artist is not an easy job because no matter how much everyone tells you your art is magnificent, you rarely believe them. It takes a lot of efforts to construct one small piece of art which is why here we are to make your work easier. Try these hacks in art classes Dubai and share the results:

  • Effortless splatter

How many times has it happened that you need to paint freckles or a blur starry sky effect but even the smallest size paint brush doesn’t seem to be working because everything is too perfect? Well, for those times, all you need is two paint brushes. Dip the first one in desired colour and grab the second one to brush the bristles on it, the paint will splatter across the surface and you will get the perfectly imperfect look which you are aiming for.

  • Crisp clean lines

This is one of those tricks that seem to be saving lines yet very few people use it. All you have to do is grab paper tape and use it across the surface where you don’t want the paint to splatter and ruin the look. One you are done painting a piece, go ahead and remove the tape to see the end results in a perfectly fine line. This is a tip used for eyeshade as well as creating different straight lines for different creativity.

  • Use kitchen items for painting tricks

Here are some quick fun tricks which will help you achieving the perfect desired look which you want:

  • If you want to blot watercolour around, make sure that you use a wet towel or wash cloth which you can dab over the wet paint and create beautiful clouds or waves.
  • If you want a rocky or sandy look for your painting, then simply grab table salt and sprinkle some on the area where effect is needed while the paint is still wet. Brush it off when the paint dries out and you are good to go.
  • Sponges are one of the best materials to create foliage so if you are looking for something which will give a blurb dramatic effect then go ahead and use sponges however you like.

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